Outdoor Plant Hire – A Guide to Choosing Landscaping Plants

Outdoor Plant Hire – A Guide to Choosing Landscaping Plants

If you’re thinking of landscaping your home, have you ever stopped to consider that not all plants aren’t perfect for every home. It is very important to choose your landscaping plants carefully before you plant them. One way of doing this effectively is by outdoor plant hire professionals that would know which plants are best for every home, based on the information that you give them. In this article, we are going to take a look at a guide to choosing landscaping plants.

Front yard versus backyard landscaping

It is important to decide where the plants will go, the front yard or backyard. When considering the plants for the front yard, one should assess the surrounding, mostly neighbouring homes, and the exterior details of the home. The backyard, on the other hand, can be more personalized since it tends to have more privacy.

Accentuate your landscaping on your home

One can accentuate their home using flowers in their landscaping, even having plant boxes around the windows, hanging plant baskets, natural climbing plants, among other things. Examples of vines that can be used include Ivy, wisteria and honeysuckle. This can give a dramatic change to the home.

Choosing plants for your wet areas

You need to differentiate between plants for dry areas, and those for wet areas. Lilies and water gardens are plants that thrive in fountains or ponds. You should also avoid plants that use a lot of fertilizers and pesticides around pools, since the chemicals could affect swimmers. In such instances, natural grasses and flowering shrubs would be your best choice.

Natural plants are low maintenance

Many people think that growing and maintaining plants will cost a fortune, something they would rather avoid. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money and energy to preserve their surroundings. This should not scare you because natural plants are actually very affordable to maintain. People have the choice to choose from cactus and ground cover plants, to evergreen shrubbery. Practices such as mulching can be done to further maintain the plants. There are also several flowers that are low maintenance, and the local nursery or plant hire company can advise you on the best ones for your particular area.

Eco Green Office Plants

People that don’t want the hustle of taking care of the plants themselves are in luck because they can always hire plants for their landscaping needs. Companies like Eco Green Office Plants, a Melbourne based indoor plant hire company, offer their clients the best indoor plants experiences. Their plants bringing style, freshness and life to homes, while filtering toxins out of the air to create healthy and comfortable conditions. The company provides free quotes to their potential clients, who can choose from their variety of plants. The services provided by Eco Green Office Plants include:

  • Planters
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  • Plant Walls
  • Live Wall Art


Choosing landscaping plants can be a challenge for those that don’t really know much about plants, and what they would really like. Seeking the services of a company like Eco Green Office Plants will make things easier, since they are experienced with all manner of plants, and even take care of them themselves once you hire the plants.