Plant Hire Melbourne – Creative Office Decor Tips to Maximize Productivity

Plant Hire Melbourne – Creative Office Decor Tips to Maximize Productivity

The environment is something that plays a major role in how we feel and perform various tasks. This includes the décor in our spaces, the people around us, and even the sounds playing around us. They all tend to set the mood, which is why it is very important to make sure that we have the right environment in our work spaces. This is one way to make people more productive. A good example is flowers, plant hire Melbourne gives users the opportunity to set the moods in their spaces by hiring the appropriate plants to them. Different plants set different moods, for example, red roses are associated with love. It all depends on the sort of mood that one wants to set. There are any ways that we can play with the décor in our spaces to boost productivity, and today we are going to take a look at some tips.

Maximized Lighting 

When light is optimized the right way, it reduces the eye strain and boosts energy levels. It is important to try and use as much natural light as possible by avoiding opaque windows. Aside from making you feel better, it also keeps the energy use down.


Decluttered Minimalism 

When aesthetic things are kept to the minimum, your space will look more chic and inviting, and it is also easier to get things done. Too much clutter makes one feel overwhelmed and congested, bringing about more stress.

Inspiring Colours 

Colours tend to stimulate the mind and should therefore be used with abandon. Colours like yellows inspire creativity, blues stimulate the mind, while greens give a feeling of relaxation. Go for colours that stimulate you.

Invigorating Scents 

Scents also play a major role in stimulating the office space, with peppermint helping people to concentrate more, since it is energizing and refreshing. Citrusy scents, on the other hand, tend to uplift and rid stress. Flowers and oil diffusers are a great way to have these scents in your workspace.


Lively Greenery 

Nature is important for us, since we are natural beings, and this can be done by adding greenery to the workspace. Plants not only purify the air and make the space look good, they also bring about feel good vibes.

Motivational Messages 

Having motivational messages around the work space can inspire on those days when you’re feeling low. There are many different types of typography styles, prints and photos that can work for your workspace.

Eco Green Office Plants

Plants bring greenery and scent to workspaces, but not everyone wants the hustle of having to take care of them. That is where Eco Green Office Pants comes in. this is a company that is based in Melbourne, and specializes in hiring out plants. With almost 20 years in the industry, the company brings you tried and tested indoor plant experiences. The plants bring style, freshness and life to workspaces, and the good thing is that the company gets to take care of the plants themselves, saving you the trouble. They have a wide selections of plants for you to choose for your spaces.

Some of their services include:

  • Plant Hire
  • Planters
  • Flowering Plants / Flowers
  • Plants
  • Kentia Palm – Office Plants Melbourne
  • Plant Walls
  • Live Wall Art

The company operates from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, after which they can be reached on phone, and they offer free quotes.


There are many ways to optimize the work energy in our workspaces using interior décor. It is just a matter of being a little creative and following the tips above. That way, your workers will perform much better, be happier, and bring in more profits.