Plant Hire Melbourne – Factors to Consider When Choosing Plant Pots

Plant Hire Melbourne – Factors to Consider When Choosing Plant Pots

There are very many different types of plant pots available on the market, it can almost be impossible to decide on the one to buy. You would need to identify the sort of plants you want to rear, indoor or outdoor. Some of the other things to consider would be the size of the plants when they are fully grown, and the sort of roots that they have. This is something that could be hard for the layman to determine, which would probably make it more convenient to go for plant hire melbourne. Plant hiring is convenient because they are professionals that can quickly tell which pots work for certain plants. They also do the planting and the care of the plants, even if they have hired them out. That takes the burden off the chests of the home owners. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the factors to consider when choosing plant pots.


It is best to go for a container that has many drainage holes so that the roots can get adequate oxygen, and also allow the plant to grow. The holes also serve to let the excess water flow out to prevent drowning the plant.


Porous containers are those that allow air to move through them, and they can include unglazed terracotta or clay, timber, paper pulp and other natural materials. They allow the circulation of air around the roots, cool the soil when evaporation occurs, and draw out excess water. On the downside, they dry quickly, as does the potting mix, and need more frequent watering or the plants can stress out or die.


Heavy containers are harder to move around, and especially when you take into consideration the fact that soil also becomes heavier when it is wet. If you intend to change the look of your space regularly, you’ll want to go for a lighter pot for mobility purposes. Heavy pots, are however, more convenient if the plants will be exposed to windy conditions, or the tops of the plants are heavy.


This refers to the colour, shape, size, and ornamental value.


Cost and Time

The budget and time will also determine the types of pots to be bought. You could opt for new, or reused pots.

Eco Green Office Plants

If you’re still not sure about how to choose a pot, you’ll want to get a plant hiring company to give you a full package of plants plus their pots. That is what companies like Eco Green Office Plants are here for. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the company specializes in hiring out plants, having been in the horticulture industry for more than 18 years. They have a professional team in place to take care of the plants at all times, to ensure that they are in the best of conditions, fresh and healthy. They have a wide variety of plants that people can choose from to suit different spaces, budgets, and preferences. Below are some of the services that they offer:

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Choosing the right pot can be a tricky affair and if one isn’t sure they can always hire the plants from plant hiring companies like Eco Green Office Plants. That way, if they don’t like the pots, they can always ask the company to get them more options.